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Sharia Law has been considered by many people, irrespective of them being Muslims or Non Muslims, as a cruel law. One of the various criticism directed towards Sharia Law is with regards to death penalty in Islam.

Death Penalty Debate in Sharia Law

People have questioned the death sentence handed out to a guilty person for an offense that is punishable by death. Although every judicial system allows death penalty to be handed out for certain crimes; however, Sharia Law comes under special scrutiny. Perhaps, the reason is the ‘type’ of punishment rather than ‘why’. Islam expects the execution to be carried out as swiftly as possible and in a quick manner. Hence, beheading is used since it is considered the most efficient way to execute a person.

Muslim  Sharia Law information for Womens

According to Sharia Law, murder is punishable by death. This means that murderer has to face death if he has killed an innocent person. However, Sharia Law permits the murderer to reconcile with the family of the victim if he feels guilty. He can ask them for forgiveness and in exchange for certain amount, the family of the victim can also choose to forgive the murderer. Islam lays great importance on forgiveness and also encourages its followers to be forgiving.

Stoning to death for Adultery

This is a topic that is up for debate even in present times. However, the basic understanding is that if a married man or married woman is found to be involved in adultery, they are to be stoned to death along with a certain number of lashes. For unmarried man or unmarried woman, they are to be punished by lashes.

Saudi Arabia sharia law punishments

This particular aspect of Sharia Law has received widespread criticism, especially from west. They consider this punishment to be quite harsh. However, this is the case because of lack of understanding about Sharia Law. The requirements to prove an act of adultery are quite strict. There need to be four adult witnesses to such an act and these witnesses should be able to testify that actual penetration took place. These requirements make it quite difficult to prove such an allegation.

Number of Deaths through Execution

Death toll through execution or death penalties in muslim countries, that follow Sharia Law, are low as compared to countries where modern judicial system is followed. The primary reason is again the requirements to be quite strict to prove an allegation and also the focus on forgiveness rather than revenge in religion.


April 29th, 2014Posted by Islamic Sharia

Islam is the fastest growing religion in world according to various estimates and surveys. It is the second largest religion, after Christianity, of the world. Hence, it comes as no surprise that Muslims make up for the second largest religious group of UK with an estimated population of around three million. Muslims are scattered all over UK and they represent a significant portion of UK’s current population. This makes it quite essential for Muslims to have religious freedom and also exercise their right to practice their religion in their daily lives. This also includes legal matters. Sharia Law, also known as Islamic Law, is to be followed by all practicing Muslims in legal matters.

Muslim  Sharia Law in Action

Sharia Law:

The basic difference between any modern judicial system and Sharia Law is primarily the scope and area that both these laws govern. While modern judicial systems focus on how individual behaves and acts in society, Sharia Law governs every aspect of an individual life. It is not limited to just society. Sharia Law covers minute details as well; such as, brushing teeth using a toothpaste while fasting.


Sharia Law in UK:

Since Sharia Law has quite a significant impact on Muslims and how they lead their lives, this makes it real important for them. In a developed country that is predominantly not a Muslim country, authorities have to hit the right balance between their current judicial system and Sharia law (Islamic Law). This becomes quite cucumber some. However, in recent times, Sharia Law has been applied where both parties are known to be Muslims and especially in issues such as property and marriage. Sharia Law has been implemented with help of Islamic Sharia courts, better known as Sharia Council.

Purpose of muslim sharia council

These councils play a vital role in implementing Sharia Law, especially in matters such as marriage, divorce and property. Although these councils do not have the right to impose their judgements on both the defendant and plaintiff but they play a significant role in resolving issues of Muslims in UK on basis of Islamic Law.

However, there is a widespread opinion about these councils and Sharia Law to be basically against women. Media in UK has tried and published various articles, opposing Sharia Law and its implementation in UK. Sharia Law basically requires very thorough understanding and only learned scholars can pass judgements on basis of Sharia Law due to the complexities involved. But this is gaining popularity in UK because of its efficiency and effectiveness amongst Muslim community.

How Does Sharia Law Work

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women sharia law

Hence, everything is governed by Sharia Law. An adult Muslim can make his own     decisions if he has enough knowledge but several Muslims take advice from a learned Muslim scholar on different issues.

Rulings in Sharia Law:

Like every other judicial system, Sharia Law courts require a learned and expert judge to make rulings on various legal matters. Since it is quite expanded, hence it takes years for a person to become an expert in one aspect of Sharia Law. It does not simply mean that this person may also be an expert in any other field of Sharia Law.

Islamic Sharia Law In Saudi Arabia

And as with other  judicial systems, a ruling on a particular issue becomes a precedent and is applicable on all similar cases. However the term used for such a ruling in Islam is known as Fatwa. Only learned Islamic jurists are qualified to give out Fatwas.

Common Laws of Shariah for Women in islam

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So in this post I will discuss some penalties on women and man due to theft or other sin. This article explains some of the most common Shariah Law and penalties. It will help in understanding the scope of Shariah Law to some extent.

Women sharia law of islam


The most common crime can be considered to be robbery or theft. According to Shariah Law, if an adult sane person steals more than 4.374 grams of Gold or equivalent in presence of two adult women or male Muslim witnesses than that person qualifies for punishment, keeping in mind that some other requirements are also met.

Islamic sharia law for women

This punishment involves amputation of right arm on first offence, left arm in second offense and imprisonment for an indefinite time period, depending on that person’s own remorse for crime and not to repeat it again.

Women Punishments in law of sharia

According to the law she would lose four fingers of her right hand for first offence (article 201), her left foot for the second offence, prison for third and execution for the fourth! He would go Scott free Read more

Islamic Sharia Law in Saudi Arabia


According to many interpretations of Shariah Law, this has become clear that Muslims are not allowed to convert from Islam to other religions. This is strictly condemned and punishable by death.


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Sharia Law principle

There is a common misconception about Islam that it is intolerant of other religions. In simple words, this means that Muslims are against non Muslims and cannot bear them. This is absolutely no truth in this statement.

Islam does not force its followers to insist on non believers to embrace Islam as their religion.

Sharia Law principle and Islam Myth

In fact, there is a very famous verse in Quran ‘There is no compulsion in religion’. It clearly indicates that Muslims are not to force non Muslims to convert to Islam.

It is the duty of Muslims to teach the teachings of Islam but not compel others against their wishes. Sharia Law is for humanity, maintain peace in society.


Muslim Sharia Law Principle

When we study the history of Islam, there have been many instances where Muslims have made peace treaties with non Muslims. It includes Jews, Christians and pagans. Constitution of Medina, Treaty of Hudaibiya is some of the early pacts that were held between Muslims and Non Muslims.

Importance of sharia law in Islamic society and Saudi Arabia

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Islam is the religion of peace and tolerance among people of all faiths. It prohibits violence and aggression especially against people who believe in different faith or have different beliefs. An Islamic society allows non-muslims to be a part of it.

Equity and Sharia Law of Isalam

Equality between people of different races has been one of the key teachings of Islam. Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: “You all are born of Adam and Adam was made out of clay.

Islamic Sharia Law in Saudi Arabia

Rulers are to treat their subjects like their own children. Thus, Islam provides detailed guidance about the manner in which members of the society should interact with each other. This creates sense of brotherhood amongst member of the society.

Islamic Sharia Law in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia and Sharia Law

An Arab has no superiority over the non Arabs; neither does a white man enjoy superiority over a black man, nor a black man over a white man except by piety. Remember that your lives and properties are sacred and inviolable among one another.” In Arab as you seen Sharia law of Islam implement and every person have equal right and believes about Islam.

Islamic Sharia

This narration clearly defines and teaches equality in mankind. By eliminating discrimination amongst races, Islam has cut off the very root of differences between mankind.

Islamic Sharia Law for Women

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Why to choose Islam as a religion? What is the reality of life? What happen after this life? What is the Islam mean and differ from other religion? Women respect in Islam? These all questions are about the rights of women in Islam.

Islamic banking system in Muslim Sharia


Women have equal rights like other religion, but Islam defines some limitation to the Women relates to clothes, Hijab. But some other people think Islam is very strict religion and women have no rights in Islam.

Muslim Sharia legal system

This quotes is clear defining about “Women rights and importance in islam”

The Muslim Who Amputated His Hands, ‘According to Islamic Sharia Law’

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Although Sharia Law of Islam is allowed to cut off thieve hand, but this happened very rare. Actually Islam isn’t allowing every person to stealing right from others. If someone does than according to sharia, he would be punished according to Quran and Hadees.

Islam and Islamic Sharia


Why Saudi Arabia Implement Sharia Law?

Islamic sharia law is implemented in Saudi Arabia and you can seen the percentage of terrorism and other illegal activities is very much low than other countries.

Islamic Sharia

Maulana Tariq Jameel New Bayan 2013

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What is Islamic Sharia Law?

Islam is the religion, that gives create the difference between humanity and ignorance. Islam gives the message of love and peace, some other religion spread wrong message about Islamic Sharia and Law, connect with us for more detail on it.

Sharia Rules and Islam

Rules are implemented for peace and mankind, but other peoples add some negative remarks on it.

Islamic Sharia

Islamic Sharia

Maulana Tariq Jameel Bayan on Islam

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How Islam change the man/women life? What is Islam as a religion? Why we follow Islamic Sharia and rules?


Islamic Sharia

Islamic Sharia

In this video Tariq Jameel will discuss about some real facts and figure of Islam under Quran and Hades.