Sharia Law principle

There is a common misconception about Islam that it is intolerant of other religions. In simple words, this means that Muslims are against non Muslims and cannot bear them. This is absolutely no truth in this statement.

Islam does not force its followers to insist on non believers to embrace Islam as their religion.

Sharia Law principle and Islam Myth

In fact, there is a very famous verse in Quran ‘There is no compulsion in religion’. It clearly indicates that Muslims are not to force non Muslims to convert to Islam.

It is the duty of Muslims to teach the teachings of Islam but not compel others against their wishes. Sharia Law is for humanity, maintain peace in society.


Muslim Sharia Law Principle

When we study the history of Islam, there have been many instances where Muslims have made peace treaties with non Muslims. It includes Jews, Christians and pagans. Constitution of Medina, Treaty of Hudaibiya is some of the early pacts that were held between Muslims and Non Muslims.

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