Islam is the fastest growing religion in world according to various estimates and surveys. It is the second largest religion, after Christianity, of the world. Hence, it comes as no surprise that Muslims make up for the second largest religious group of UK with an estimated population of around three million. Muslims are scattered all over UK and they represent a significant portion of UK’s current population. This makes it quite essential for Muslims to have religious freedom and also exercise their right to practice their religion in their daily lives. This also includes legal matters. Sharia Law, also known as Islamic Law, is to be followed by all practicing Muslims in legal matters.

Muslim  Sharia Law in Action

Sharia Law:

The basic difference between any modern judicial system and Sharia Law is primarily the scope and area that both these laws govern. While modern judicial systems focus on how individual behaves and acts in society, Sharia Law governs every aspect of an individual life. It is not limited to just society. Sharia Law covers minute details as well; such as, brushing teeth using a toothpaste while fasting.


Sharia Law in UK:

Since Sharia Law has quite a significant impact on Muslims and how they lead their lives, this makes it real important for them. In a developed country that is predominantly not a Muslim country, authorities have to hit the right balance between their current judicial system and Sharia law (Islamic Law). This becomes quite cucumber some. However, in recent times, Sharia Law has been applied where both parties are known to be Muslims and especially in issues such as property and marriage. Sharia Law has been implemented with help of Islamic Sharia courts, better known as Sharia Council.

Purpose of muslim sharia council

These councils play a vital role in implementing Sharia Law, especially in matters such as marriage, divorce and property. Although these councils do not have the right to impose their judgements on both the defendant and plaintiff but they play a significant role in resolving issues of Muslims in UK on basis of Islamic Law.

However, there is a widespread opinion about these councils and Sharia Law to be basically against women. Media in UK has tried and published various articles, opposing Sharia Law and its implementation in UK. Sharia Law basically requires very thorough understanding and only learned scholars can pass judgements on basis of Sharia Law due to the complexities involved. But this is gaining popularity in UK because of its efficiency and effectiveness amongst Muslim community.

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