Importance of sharia law in Islamic society and Saudi Arabia

Islam is the religion of peace and tolerance among people of all faiths. It prohibits violence and aggression especially against people who believe in different faith or have different beliefs. An Islamic society allows non-muslims to be a part of it.

Equity and Sharia Law of Isalam

Equality between people of different races has been one of the key teachings of Islam. Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: “You all are born of Adam and Adam was made out of clay.

Islamic Sharia Law in Saudi Arabia

Rulers are to treat their subjects like their own children. Thus, Islam provides detailed guidance about the manner in which members of the society should interact with each other. This creates sense of brotherhood amongst member of the society.

Islamic Sharia Law in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia and Sharia Law

An Arab has no superiority over the non Arabs; neither does a white man enjoy superiority over a black man, nor a black man over a white man except by piety. Remember that your lives and properties are sacred and inviolable among one another.” In Arab as you seen Sharia law of Islam implement and every person have equal right and believes about Islam.

Islamic Sharia

This narration clearly defines and teaches equality in mankind. By eliminating discrimination amongst races, Islam has cut off the very root of differences between mankind.

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