Sharia Law has been considered by many people, irrespective of them being Muslims or Non Muslims, as a cruel law. One of the various criticism directed towards Sharia Law is with regards to death penalty in Islam.

Death Penalty Debate in Sharia Law

People have questioned the death sentence handed out to a guilty person for an offense that is punishable by death. Although every judicial system allows death penalty to be handed out for certain crimes; however, Sharia Law comes under special scrutiny. Perhaps, the reason is the ‘type’ of punishment rather than ‘why’. Islam expects the execution to be carried out as swiftly as possible and in a quick manner. Hence, beheading is used since it is considered the most efficient way to execute a person.

Muslim  Sharia Law information for Womens

According to Sharia Law, murder is punishable by death. This means that murderer has to face death if he has killed an innocent person. However, Sharia Law permits the murderer to reconcile with the family of the victim if he feels guilty. He can ask them for forgiveness and in exchange for certain amount, the family of the victim can also choose to forgive the murderer. Islam lays great importance on forgiveness and also encourages its followers to be forgiving.

Stoning to death for Adultery

This is a topic that is up for debate even in present times. However, the basic understanding is that if a married man or married woman is found to be involved in adultery, they are to be stoned to death along with a certain number of lashes. For unmarried man or unmarried woman, they are to be punished by lashes.

Saudi Arabia sharia law punishments

This particular aspect of Sharia Law has received widespread criticism, especially from west. They consider this punishment to be quite harsh. However, this is the case because of lack of understanding about Sharia Law. The requirements to prove an act of adultery are quite strict. There need to be four adult witnesses to such an act and these witnesses should be able to testify that actual penetration took place. These requirements make it quite difficult to prove such an allegation.

Number of Deaths through Execution

Death toll through execution or death penalties in muslim countries, that follow Sharia Law, are low as compared to countries where modern judicial system is followed. The primary reason is again the requirements to be quite strict to prove an allegation and also the focus on forgiveness rather than revenge in religion.

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