There is a common understanding between people, especially non Muslims, that Sharia Law lacks compassion and is basically considered to be cruel. However, this assumption about Sharia Law is based upon examples and incidents that portray Sharia Law in the worst possible way.


Many critics of Sharia Law consider it to be quite harsh especially in modern times. However, many of the incidents quoted in this regard by media are biased. Media tends to highlight the small muslim minority that mishandles Sharia Law to an extent. If we look into history, we’ll come across many Muslim rulers who have been awful and have misused Sharia for their own benefit. However, it certainly does not mean that the essence of Sharia is lacking compassion. Media certainly plays an important role in forming general consensus by consistently highlighting a bad incident in which Sharia is involved; however, it will ignore all other good incidents where Sharia Law played an important part or deliberately ignore bad law making decisions involving modern judicial system.

Muslim Sharia punishment

Particularly in case of death sentence, how can any media justify a certain death punishment to be better than other types of death punishments? The purpose is to bring justice to the victim and also set an example for society to eliminate such instances in future. By saying that beheading of murderer in Islam is cruel as compared to electric chair or using lethal injection than this seems quite unreasonable. Islam orders swift death even for a murderer.

What is Muslim Sharia Law


One of the main criticisms aimed towards Sharia Law in UK is that it is considered to be against women in some aspects of life. This is again not true. This is well known that Women gender is weaker by nature. Islam realizes this weakness of women and instead of exploiting it, it makes Muslim men take care of their women.

Muslim sharia council

Muslim men are to take care of their women and also provide protection to them. This is not treating women as unequal, this actually is quite opposite. Sharia Law gives importance to Women and their rights. There are laws to protect Women against oppression and wrong doing of Men.

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