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Application of Muslim Sharia Law in European Countries

August 3rd, 2015Posted by Islamic Sharia

Sharia laws are one of the principal rules that make up Islamic law system and its basic structure. Speaking of it briefly, Sharia laws are meant to throw light on almost all the aspects of human cultural and religious needs. It includes topics of economic, criminal, political scope to domestic issues, rights of women, punishments, prayers, fasting etc. Sharia is strictly followed in almost all the Islamic states of the world. Some countries have inculcated various points from Sharia law as a part of the constitution. Basically there are two major sources of devising Muslim Sharia, namely Quran and Hadith. A Muslim sharia law is declared as official if it has been approved by one of the various methods of authentication in Islam. These methods include Ijma, Qiyas, Urf etc.

Respect of Women in Islamic Sharia
Talking about application and perception of Muslim Sharia law in European countries in the recent years, initially it was limited to small Muslim communities, where it was practiced with full religious freedom, especially after World War II. Now after more than half a century, due to high birth rate, Muslim population in European countries has gone far higher and Muslims are frequently demanding official application of Sharia laws in Muslim communities. This has led to a certain kind of flux within various European nations like France, where they are trying to minimize the application of Sharia law. The rapid spread of Sharia law in Germany has resulted into application of Muslim Sharia law in German courts, while dealing with any Muslim community issue, like husband wife dispute, property issues etc. Even a non-Muslim German judge has to consult Quran or Hadith in order to give judgment of the case.

Law of Muslim Sharia
In France, which has a high Muslim population, in order to follow Muslim Sharia law, all the meat sold to Muslim community is ‘halal’, having been properly sacrificed to Allah. In various countries like Denmark and Spain, Muslims have been successful in demanding a separate Muslim police that arrests and punished those Muslims who violate Muslim Sharia law. For example, In Spain, in accordance with Hudood punishments, a woman was sentenced to death, although she managed to escape the punishment. Although there is a lot of approving applications of Muslim Sharia law in Europe, there has been a heavy criticism on it in European nations as well.


There has been a rise in negative perceptions relating to application of Sharia Law, especially after the murders of cartoonists Theo Van Gogh and Charlie Hebdo. One of the major reason behind these misperceptions is that there has always been a flux between European law after world war II and Islamic sharia law. While Islamic sharia law follows a concrete set of rules devised by Allah, but the western impression of Sharia is a set of fiqh which tells a common man about ways to follow rules rather than providing a set of rules for governing a civil structure. However, Europe continues to practice its secular law, providing moral and ethical solutions to Muslim communities without clashing with state laws of civil nature.