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Women Rights under Islamic Sharia

July 27th, 2015Posted by Islamic Sharia

Discussing regarding the marital rights of Muslim women, they are allowed to ask for ‘Khula’ from their husbands in case of conflicts. Khula is termed as a divorce which is called upon by the woman. Under Islamic Sharia, divorce is considered the most unfavorable and poor act.

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Solving the conflicts to the ultimate call is what has been preferred in Sharia but if the issues do not reach upon any result then the act of proceeding divorce has been allowed. Moreover Muslim women are not allowed to marry a non-Muslim where as a Muslim man is allowed to marry a non-Muslim woman provided she is the follower of one of the books of Allah. The reason behind this discrimination being told by some scholars is the fact that as the Muslim woman is obedient to his man after marriage, she cannot be subservient to a non-Muslim man after marrying him. And if a man enters into another religion other than Islam after marriage, then their Nikkah automatically gets disband.

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Muslim women are highly encouraged to get educated. Education is what is considered to be the sole right of every person. According to a Hadith, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said ‘Get education even if you have to travel to China.’ This clearly depicts the importance and the value of education being focused in Islam and Sharia.

Women Right Uder Islamic Sharia