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How Does Sharia Law Work

February 14th, 2014Posted by Islamic Sharia

women sharia law

Hence, everything is governed by Sharia Law. An adult Muslim can make his own     decisions if he has enough knowledge but several Muslims take advice from a learned Muslim scholar on different issues.

Rulings in Sharia Law:

Like every other judicial system, Sharia Law courts require a learned and expert judge to make rulings on various legal matters. Since it is quite expanded, hence it takes years for a person to become an expert in one aspect of Sharia Law. It does not simply mean that this person may also be an expert in any other field of Sharia Law.

Islamic Sharia Law In Saudi Arabia

And as with other  judicial systems, a ruling on a particular issue becomes a precedent and is applicable on all similar cases. However the term used for such a ruling in Islam is known as Fatwa. Only learned Islamic jurists are qualified to give out Fatwas.

Common Laws of Shariah for Women in islam

February 10th, 2014Posted by Islamic Sharia

So in this post I will discuss some penalties on women and man due to theft or other sin. This article explains some of the most common Shariah Law and penalties. It will help in understanding the scope of Shariah Law to some extent.

Women sharia law of islam


The most common crime can be considered to be robbery or theft. According to Shariah Law, if an adult sane person steals more than 4.374 grams of Gold or equivalent in presence of two adult women or male Muslim witnesses than that person qualifies for punishment, keeping in mind that some other requirements are also met.

Islamic sharia law for women

This punishment involves amputation of right arm on first offence, left arm in second offense and imprisonment for an indefinite time period, depending on that person’s own remorse for crime and not to repeat it again.

Women Punishments in law of sharia

According to the law she would lose four fingers of her right hand for first offence (article 201), her left foot for the second offence, prison for third and execution for the fourth! He would go Scott free Read more

Islamic Sharia Law in Saudi Arabia


According to many interpretations of Shariah Law, this has become clear that Muslims are not allowed to convert from Islam to other religions. This is strictly condemned and punishable by death.